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GARIS Exhibition Open Call 2022


The Global Artworks and Ideas Showcase (GARIS) is now entering its second year in 2022. This year, GARIS will hold an international exhibition and Webinar event with the theme ‘Drawing at the College of Fine Arts and Its Development’. Like the previous event, this Outline exhibition and webinars University UiTM Malaysia is an international partner and main partner of the Fine Arts Study Program, Faculty of Creative Industries, Telkom University as the organizer of this event. This year’s GARIS exhibition and webinars will embrace new partners such as the Bandung Institute of Art and Culture Bandung, the College of Arts and Culture in South Bandung and the Bandung Drawing Institute (IDB), an art community that focuses on developing drawing as a medium and ideas.

The second GARIS exhibition with the theme ‘Drawing at the College of Fine Arts and Its Development‘ will be attended by students from Telkom University, the Indonesian Institute of Arts and Culture Bandung (Indonesia), Universiti Teknologi Mara (Malaysia), Silpakorn University, Mahidol University (Thailand). This international exhibition will present drawing works as a medium of art, ideas and also as creative communication. From these works, it is hoped that they will show the characteristics and culture of academic institutions and art institutions of each country. Later on, these emerging characters will be the material of a panel discussion (webinar) involving the curator of the exhibition, Isa Perkasa (Bandung Drawing Institute), Prof. Mumtazh (UiTM Malaysia) and Dr. Supriatna (ISBI Bandung).

  • The work responds to the idea of drawing as a form of communication. This approach or response can be in the form of; drawing as a philosophical idea through technical and material explorations of drawing or a contemporary practice approach combining drawing with other mediums conceptually.
  • Artworks can be manual or digital or mixed media.
  • The maximum size of 2d works is 1M x 1M
  • The maximum dimension of 3d works is 50Cm x 50Cm x 50Cm
  • Submit the best resolution of artwork images, 300 DPI (Maximum file size 5Mb)
  • Submit the artwork concept or statement
  • The collection of work data is collected in one file folder containing; student biodata (PDF), photo of work (Jpeg), Student Identity Card (scan, PDF/Jpeg)
  • Exhibitioner early registration can fill in the link. Files sent to :

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